Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Sqeaky Wheel...Carroll for District 1.1!

It was never said that this old adage could backfire. We got the grease but I think the JPSB used most of it to oil up the shaft they've decided to give to the "commuting" parents of the Westbank. We all know that few parents, except out of necessity, are fussin' and fightin' to go to schools on the Westbank as oppose to those on the Eastbank of Jefferson Parish. The very reason many of us Westbankers go to the the Eastbank is because of our jobs and for the better public schools in this part of the parish. Why has there not been parity in the parish's school infrastructure to begin with? Was it the lack of need, the lack of population (and/or quality) of students/teachers, our JPSB representation, money? Only recently has the JPSB offered good alternatives on the Westbank...and now just a couple of years out of the gate we will be forced to get out of the Eastbank schools and send out our children to schools just being built, untried and untested which are (we are being told) at best adequate or becoming better with time. Many have already been there and done that with their children's education in the balance. They don't want to do it again.

Hear this!, segregation has consequences, and those consequences will not go away overnight! This is why the races still fight. There will never be equity until it becomes the responsibility of the individual, that is, self imposed equality. As long as there is a Power that stands and declares "It will be thus and so..." equality will never be reached. The objective of the Powerful is to have it and keep it so everyone else is made equitable, but the Powerful. The Magnet Schools have provided the means since the early 70s to enable parents who deliberately, although in some cases reluctantly, understand the landscape of our country and want to provide their children the opportunity they themselves may not have be successful in an integrated world. There are many races that MUST be tolerated at the very least but must be invited in the best sense to participate in our lives and livelihood. The pristine whitewashed halls of the elite "majority" are no longer attractive to corporations, industries, small businesses and advertisers. To the degree that SINCERE interaction with different people is made, a measure of success and longevity can be expected in business.

In other words back in the "good ole days"..."white was right" but today white might put you $120,000.00 in the hole and demand more money with nothing to show but empty promises. But hey, why should I care...I've been to the private schools...they would be happy to have me again...only this time with our Govenor's voucher in my hand.

On another note, the board plans to work with parents in November to ensure equal playing fields on the East and Westbanks. We have been working our tails off already. Has our board acknowledged any of our input so far? You tell me?

Finally, if we are to have a "Bimodal School System" then I strongly urge parents to consider fighting for a "Bimodal School Board"! I'm running for District 1.1!


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