Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lets complete this process and depart friends!

SCHOOL BOARD MEETING APRIL 9th and 16th 2008, at 5 PM presumably, Bonnabel High School..come out!

"Shock and awe"

My initial reaction to the letter I received in early March regarding the disposition of my child entering her 4th grade year in September 2008..."shocked and awed!" I was in shock because as a private school graduate and now the parent of private school children, to get SENT to another school was usually the result of uncontrollable violence or insolence on the part of the child (or parent) on school property. I could not recall my daughter ever being violent so I thought well maybe it was me. During my inquiry folks assured me it was nothing I did but that a inexplicable decision to remove Westbank students to schools on the Westbank was passed down from the powers on high and so I'd better make plans to make adjustments for the Fall.

Thinking there was nothing I could do just like the guilty parent of private school children I thought to myself how can I fix this for my daughter. She has to know this was not her fault. Yes, she wanted to go to the private school her brother went to from 2nd to 8th grade with the pool and farm and cool field trips but we just couldn't afford that any more. Then it accured to me...I'm in a school that should not be doing this. Her grades were good, her behavior impeccable so why did she have to go?...because she lived on the wrong side of the tracks or river in this case. That can't be right. It wasn't right and should never be. So I learned I was not alone in that feeling and we sought together to find out why some thought it was OK.

Civil rights are important. When they are violated then there are consequences. The school board is realizing those consequences where it their back pockets. Those of us under their jurisdiction also suffer those consequences as their back pockets are also our back pockets when it comes to the educational environment of our children. We are eager and willing to join the board in repentance for the sins of our fathers so we all may be forgiven and so we all can move on. This is all we have asked and continue to ask in our many colorful ways.

Remember we were in "shock and awe" as were some of our children. We are use to sitting back watching our children flourish in a private school's educational program raising an eyebrow over a grade or two every once in a while with never a concern about discipline. Well, now the intellect, competitiveness and drive that have made our children who they are have been awakened in the parents who have just realized that we are not in private school anymore and now have to pay with our attention, pay with our voices and pay with our pens (or posts) instead of paying with cash to make sure our children get their money's worth.

We intend not to be "shocked and awed" again...except when our children excel!

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