Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well now, let's get it right!

From Jenny Hurwitz of the TP

Casting aspersions that the Judge "may not have been informed" or "doesn't know the issue with Jefferson Parish" or "my not have all the information" is not the way to win your case. The fact that you've "never loss a Consent Order when both parties agreed" is also mote.

Don't blame the Magnet School parents for speaking out. We are not so arrogant as to believe that we influenced the judge...as Dr. Etta Licciardi pointed out..the judge came to his decision long before hearing from us personally.

Never-the-less, parents beware and stay informed. The board asserted to doing things in the order despite the judges ruling so keep your heads up. Grandfathering?...how far? I want my child to remain a magnet student until she's ready for college!

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Nikki said...

I don't know how to create a new post so I'm posting this comment.

Listen to Mark Morgan's commentary on Spud McConnell's show on Mar. 17, 2008....

http://wwl.com/pages/1050632.php (click on Spud's page and search for the date.)

Listen to Ellen Kovach's interview with Spud McConnell re: desegregation matter on
February 21, 2008: http://wwl.com/pages/1050632.php
(click on Spud's page and search for the date)